Iceland Aquaculture Association IAA

Iceland Aquaculture Association, IAA was founded on April 23rd 1981.

The founders purpose was to represent all Icelandic fish farmers in one unified organization in order to safeguard their mutual interests. IAA places considerable emphasis on presenting the viewpoints of its members to the Icelandic legislature and the executive branch of government and endeavors to study and follow up issues of concern to the Icelandic aquaculture which will be dealt with by the various government institutions. IAA provides encouragement and advice on a wide range of issues to fish farmers in Iceland . Membership brings the benefits of various interests to fish farmers, such as marketing initiatives, research programes and backs the industry in the commercial and political environment. The Association promotes and protects the common interest of the membership and work towards improved proficiency. The organization, in cooperation with various research bodies, is committed to further development and use of the most efficient techniques in Icelandic aquaculture. Acquaculture in Iceland, Des 2009.

Borgartun 35 · 105 Reykjavik · Iceland
Phone: (354) 591 0360 · Fax: (354) 591 0358 · e-mail: lf(hjá)lf.is

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